Metis Pimohtewin

Travel Historic Canada, Collect Resources and Build the Red River Settlement
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 Working closely with the Metis elders, local historians, and translators Métis folklore, culture, history and the Métis native language of Michif were incorporated into the game. After months of idea generation and production the Métis Pimohemin Board Game was created!

Travel the different historical forts of Canada, collecting resources on your journey while trying to build trappers tens and log cabins to complete the Red River Settlement.

Be sure to read through this instruction booklet to learn everything about the game. It is also packed full of knowledge about the Métis people so enjoy!

Learn More about the Metis Culture

Take a more in depth look at elements of the game. Click below to learn more about the Métis people and culture below. 

Metis Culture

Learn more about specific parts of Metis culture, and how it contributed to evreyday life.

Metis Folkore

Dive into Metis legends and folklore. Learn about them and why they were created. 

Metis Ancestors

Learn about the key people in Metis history and their historic significance.

Learn About Historic Canadian forts

Click below to explore all the historic forts involved in the game and learn why they are essential to Canadian history.

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Funded By:

Rupertsland Institute

In Development With:

Metis Nation of Alberta Region 3